“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.

Between the two stands Resistance.” – Steven Pressfield

Who I work with

  • You’re an established professional ready to make a transition in your life
  • You want to have a bigger impact in the work you do that taps into your full potential
  • You desire a better sense of harmony between your personal and professional life

But there might be some obstacles getting in the way…

  • As much as you want to move forwards, there are fears and doubts that keep surfacing
  • You’ve been trying to figure it out by yourself but not making much progress
  • It’s hard to talk openly with peers and friends about it, without feeling vulnerable or judged.

How we will work together

Quite often what’s possible is much bigger than you think and achieving them is closer than you allow yourself to believe. Mostly because of the imaginary barriers and upper limits we put on ourselves and some of the old programming that’s been conditioned into our brains over time.

My coaching sessions provides you a neutral, judgement-free space to get deeper insight. I will challenge you; reveal where you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself and point out the blindspots that are keeping you stuck in unhelpful thought patterns. I’ll also help you see the innate wisdom that will propel you forwards.

A phrase I adopted from one of my mentors:

Coaching is a 200% relationship.

I show up 100% to completely focus on you.

You also show up 100% to focus on you.

I’ll listen, observe and be your sounding board. I bring compassion, intuition, sensitivity and honesty to help you create your dream life. Together, we’ll work through the fears that are holding you back.

The insights that you uncover are turned into achievable action steps that moves you towards your goals. We’ll also work on building the confidence and resilience to help you stay on track.

I’m not here to ‘fix’ or make decisions for you. The philosophy that I adhere to, from my training as a Co-Active coach, is that:

You’ re already creative, resourceful and whole.

Once you gain a powerful insight, knowing what steps to take next comes naturally to you.

As a coach, my aim is to go beyond just helping you reach your next goal, but to help you truly embody the inner confidence and wisdom that will continue to guide you once our work is done.

Sessions are uniquely tailored to meet your needs, your goals, your values, your challenges. There is no cookie-cutter approach to this work.

Coaching is an investment. An investment to you and the life you really want. I truly believe that by investing in ourselves, are we able to realize our full potential and live our best lives.

As an entrepreneur with some significant success already, I couldn’t decide which direction to take my business next. I had several viable options. My incapability to decide meant my business was stalling. Pauline helped me realize what was really holding me back. I gained so much clarity. My focus went through the roof and 2 days later I landed a client for my new service.

If you are finding yourself stuck at the same level, reach out to Pauline. Her combination of business mindset and coaching skills, will rapidly give you an airplane view of the real situation and help you make sense of it, get unstuck and lay the best possible foundation for your growth.

Olivia Angelescu

Media and PR strategist for Women Entrepreneurs,

How do we start?

As a first step, I offer a complimentary discovery session.

This gives you an opportunity to share your goals and experience coaching with me. It also gives both of us the chance to see if working together would be a good fit for one another.

My intention with this first call is to provide you guidance and/or share resources that will help you move forwards right away, regardless of whether we continue together or not.

Click below to schedule your complimentary 45-minute discovery session.